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Space Camp

Student Article by Amanda Mason

It was a March Monday, and we were on the bus sitting with our friends. It had only been a 30-minute drive to Space Camp, but the way we felt it seemed to have taken 2 hours. We could feel excitement bubbling under us as we took a step off the bus. This was what we had been waiting for, a chance to learn and have lots of fun at the same time. This was gonna be a blast! 

Space Camp was super fun. We learned how a star is born and how it dies, we learned how many exoplanets there are, we learned that in five years NASA would launch another rocket, and lots and LOTS more. Space Camp food was no doubt one of the best parts. Potatoes, chicken wings, pizza, Etc. they even had lunch dessert! We didn’t spend the night, but the dinner menu sounded delicious too.  

Every day my group’s camp leaders would sit us down on the grass and quiz us on many things such as “ Who was the first animal in space?” and “ What country launched the first rocket into space?” They were very nice and taught us a lot. Our all time favorite part of Space Camp was our mission. Overall, Space Camp is definitely something we want to remember. We got to know people a lot better, even though we missed our friends. 5 stars for Space Camp!