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Leadership Academy

Our 8th Graders had the opportunity to interact with some amazing leaders from our community last week. As part of our annual Leadership Academy at Calhoun, students gained leadership insights from a mayor, a corporate president and vice president, an HCS deputy superintendent, an HCS director, HCS career coaches and curriculum specialists, and a retired former HCS principal and vice principal. This program is a joint venture between the school and the PTA which teaches leadership concepts such as the power of encouragement, the value of a lead follower, and recognizing that leadership can arise from many sources. Students identified their natural leadership traits as well as ones they want to cultivate. They learned about different leadership styles, identified their own style, and learned about each style’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask your eighth grader about their favorite experience – dancing in the aisles, reading the special words written about them, picking traits to develop, experiencing a corporate boardroom meeting, or special lessons learned. 

We are grateful to the following community leaders for sharing their time and experiences with our students:

Mayor Tommy Battle, Rena Anderson, Tiffany Jordan, Tyra Pickens, Cedric Delbridge, Nikki Dill, Dr. Tammy Summerville, Debi Edwards, Darlene Mitchell, Christy Hubbard, Carolyn Wade

We appreciate you!