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HCS Greenpower Teams Compete at Boeing 90s at Buckhorn

Saturday, six HCS Greenpower teams competed in the Boeing 90s at Buckhorn High School.  Grissom High School, Columbia High School, Whitesburg P-8 and Challenger Middle School all participated in the event. The results are listed below. All of the students, teachers, and volunteers represented HCS exceptionally. When other teams needed help, HCS teams were right there offering a helping hand. Columbia High School, in particular, demonstrated great perseverance after their car became damaged during the first race. The students analyzed the problem, found a solution, and repaired the car to compete in the second race.

Middle School Teams

  • Whitesburg P-8 (2 teams led by Nancy Junkins)
    • Black Knight Returns (8th Grade Team)
      • Finished 5th overall
      • Currently ranked 6th nationally for middle school modified teams
    • Cub Racer (7th Grade Team)
      • Finished 10th overall
  • Challenger Middle School (led by Teri Mitchell)
    • Eagles
      • Finished 9th overall
      • Currently ranked 8th nationally for middle school modified teams

High School Teams

  • Grissom High School (2 teams led by Chris Faust)
    • Shadow
      • Finished 3rd overall
      • Currently ranked 1st nationally for high school modified teams
    • Genesis
      • Finished 2nd overall
      • Currently ranked 2nd nationally for high school custom teams
  • Columbia High School (led by Priscilla Goodwin-Serra)
    • Eagles Racing
      • Finished 7th Overall