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HCS Providing Seniors Option to Be Declared Graduates

Huntsville City Schools (HCS) administrators are providing high school seniors who have fulfilled necessary requirements the option to be declared graduates. 

Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey declared high school seniors who are on track to graduate and in good standing as “meeting the graduation requirements” for the state of Alabama.  In order to qualify for early completion of a class, the student must be up to date on their class assignments and have a passing grade in the class. 

HCS is providing seniors with two options. They may continue with coursework through the final nine weeks during this period of blended learning. Additionally, seniors may elect to use their existing class average (as of the end of the third nine weeks only) as the final grade for the fourth nine weeks. If seniors choose this option, the course average would be calculated by averaging the first semester average (50 percent of total grade) with the third nine weeks grade (50 percent of total grade).

“Ensuring that our seniors meet all graduation requirements is a top priority,” said Dr. Clarence Sutton, HCS Chief Academic Officer. 

Students are invited to continue participating in any courses in which they wish to improve their grade. However, students must complete all assignments through blended learning for any class in which they have an average grade below 60. Students participating in any dual enrollment, dual credit, credit recovery or college course should continue to complete their assignments according to the procedures established by that institution.