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HCS Student Leaders Learn from Nationally Recognized Educator

Nationally recognized school teacher, principal, and author, Dr. Baruti Kafele challenged student government leaders from across Huntsville City Schools to “know your vision” in a session held at the Academy for Academics and Arts.  Principal Kafele shared a message of empowerment and inspiration, covering topics ranging from diversity to leadership.  The goal is not only to provide a new perspective on those issues, but to show how those skills can be incorporated into the students’ daily lives.  Kafele says he wants students to be able to “take their game to another level,” in order to live up to the potential they have for future careers and also to better their own school and community.  Dr. Kafele also had the chance to address principals and educators today about school leadership practices that can act as a catalyst for school-wide excellence.

Dr. Baruti Kafele has spoken from coast to coast with school districts across the nation for professional development sessions, conferences, and workshops, delivering over 1000 presentations since 2011.  He has written eight books, many of which are national best-sellers. His latest, “The Teacher 50,” released last fall.