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2019-2020 Highlands Yearbooks

What a year last year was! Remember all the great things about your 2019-2020 school year at Highlands Elementary School with a yearbook. Yearbooks are not only fun to look at and have people sign, they serve a great propose. Yearbooks capture memories and keep them alive. Every time a student looks at a past yearbook, they'll be flooded with great memories of their time in their class, who their friends were, and what their interests were at that time. Looking back at yearbooks creates a sense of nostalgia and inspiration to continue pursuing goals. As a bonus, a yearbook is proof of going to school with a person who's become famous or proof that you didn't have the worst "trendy" hairstyle. However, a yearbook's most important feature is that it symbolizes the accomplishment of a successful year.    

Highlands Elementary School Yearbooks are for sale in the front office for twenty-six dollars. The office can currently only accept cash payments.