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Math Battle

Fourth and fifth grade were very excited to participate in an impromptu math facts multiplication battle. Each student stood in line waiting their turn to match up with another student in the opposing grade level. Students who answered the math fact presented to them correctly and before their opponent raced to the back of their line to have another turn. Students who could, unfortunately, not answer faster than their opponent were out of the competition. The last grade standing would be the winner.

The math facts that the students had to know were their multiplication facts from the zeros to the twelves. Students have at least five minutes of dedicated math fact fluency practice every day. 

The battle was on. Fourth and fifth grade met at their hallway intersection ready to take home some bragging rights. Students answered quickly and with excitement to try to best their opponent. In the end, fifth grade was victorious. Congratulations fifth grade!

Will this be the end of the math battles? Will there be a rematch? Fourth grades hopes to rematch fifth grade for chance to prove they know their math facts better.