Heat Advisory

Due to the heat advisory in the forecast for today, HCS will be operating under our heightened awareness weather protocols.  The Heightened Awareness protocols will remain in effect throughout the duration of the heat advisory. Our schools will take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our students by limiting outdoor activities and keeping students hydrated.  Our middle and high schools will be utilizing the Alabama High School Athletic Association guidelines for outdoor heat for all our students involved in any extracurricular activities, such as sports, band, etc.

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Aaron King

Mr. Aaron King is the husband to his lovely wife Kristen and father to his three daughters, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Rebecca. This is his fifth year at Huntsville High as principal. Prior to his current position he was the Principal of Huntsville Middle School and the HCS Director of Operations. Mr. King is a lifelong learner and credits his accomplishments to the lessons taught to him by his family, his teachers, and his time in the Army.

Born the first of three children he entered the Army after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point. There he learned the values of Duty, Honor, Country. After West Point he entered the Army as a Field Artillery officer. After his time in the military he decided to settle down and start a family. He entered his educational career as a chemistry teacher and has enjoyed working with students ever since.

In his spare time Mr. King enjoys spending time with his family. You can usually catch him at the various Panther games after school, or at one of the amazing theatrical shows, choir concerts or band concerts. He believes every student deserves a high quality education. He is also a big believer in student voice within the school and makes it a high priority to listen to the students.
United States Military Academy, B.S. Geography
University of Southern Mississippi, M.Ed. Educational Leadership
Samford University, Ed.S. Educational Leadership
ALSDE Educational Leadership
MSDE Secondary Chemistry
(256) 428-8050