12-04-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

Click the More Information button below for the most recent updates regarding the cybersecurity threat, as well as student, staff, and faculty return on Monday.  Today's update includes a letter from HCS Superintendent Finley, as well as updates on the magnet application and the 2021-2022 school year calendar survey.

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Cybersecurity Month at HHS

October was Cybersecurity Month and Huntsville High School's Cybersecurity Courses were functioning at full speed during the month.  Students in all grade levels were busy making themselves aware of the affect cybersecurity has on their lives and their community.  Some of the "extra" activity this month included:

  • Participating in Training and Practice Rounds of CyberPatriot, the nation's leading cyber defense competition for high schoolers.
  • Participating in the Practice Gymnasium for the new PowerUp Cybersecurity competition that is focused on Cyber Forensics.
  • Participating in the Fall Season of National Cyber League, a world wide competition aimed at university students and adults.
  • Participating in the Bebra's Challenge, a multi-grade level (k-12) competition that focuses on solving problems using computational thinking.

It's been a busy month but both HVA and Live students are active in these activities and studying hard in their classes, hoping to someday make an impact on our cybersecurity industry