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Junior Civitan Club

Junior Civitan is an organization of youth service clubs dedicated to making the world a better place. Junior Civitan exists to give our members the opportunity for leadership training, personal growth, and fun group activities, all while improving HHS special needs students through social activities and community service.


Lori Otto

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
If you would like to join the HHS Junior Civitan club, great! You can either contact the club president, Mady Taylor, or contact the sponsor teacher, Lori Otto, in Room 121.
Members are encouraged to participate in all Junior Civitan Club meetings, activities, field trips, and fundraisers.
The cost to join is $30.00. Please make checks payable to Huntsville High School and bring it with you to the Junior Civitan Club meeting.
Other Info: 
Please feel free to brainstorm some great activities that will benefit the special needs students at HHS. These can be community-based activities or school-based activities. Bring your ideas up at the Junior Civitan Club meetings.

The Junior Civitan Creed:
I am a Junior Civitan; An aware citizen of today,
The standing promise of tomorrow.
I seek to meet the needs of our world,
To be progressive in a world of change,
With compassion and understanding for
The values and traditions of the past.
I value the security of knowing
That wherever I am
I will always be within reach
Of a fellow Civitan.
I dedicate myself
To society and to my fellow man
With a commitment
To make the world a better place.

Link to National Organization: