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Swim Team Recap 2021-2022

Girls Team

The girls team entered the season as defending state champs, the first time since 1983. Just like back in the early 1980’s they were able to repeat their success. This girl’s team was very similar to last year, and just as last year a truly special team. It took a complete team effort to bring the title back. Every girl who went to state was a point scorer, either individually or on a relay. This was Huntsville’s 12 title. At state meet we had 3 individual champions and 2 relay champions. This year certainly was a close meet! When I was scoring the meet before, I typically have various situations that could happen. One of those situations had the meet coming down to the last relay. The week before the meet I told Julia about that, and she said, “no worries we got this!” After the first day we were in a very solid 1st place, I think the spread was 20, so close but not as close as it could have been. As day 2 continued it was very exciting- as the meet went on it got closer and closer, at one point we were behind and then going into the last relay we were up by 4. (of course, there was a DQ I didn’t know about which actually made it a little more.) But as the girls were going behind the blocks, I truly thought it was coming down to that last relay. And just as Julia said early in the week, “they got it” and won the last relay by over a second. At the end of the day the girls won by 20 points. As I mentioned before this was a team effort and everyone played an important part! 

Boy's Team

The boys this year found them in a similar position for the last 5 years- as defending state champs. Someone asked me early in the season how does Huntsville do it? Every year you lose some big seniors but yet you seem to find a way to win. This year it wasn’t about finding a way to win, but to just do what we knew we could and do it! This might sound like an exaggeration, but this is probably the best boys team I have ever known from top to bottom. The performance throughout the season was truly amazing. When almost everyone on this team has at least 1 sectional cut that is something special- especially considering how many people we have. At state meet the boys won their 18th title and 6th in a row. They won by 190 points which is the 2nd largest point spread in state history. The only other team to win by more was the 1991 Grissom team, which had 10 future D-1 swimmers and a future Olympian. Now I don’t know what the future holds for these boys, but they truly did do something special! At the end of the meet, they won all three relays- 1 breaking a state record and getting an All-American consideration time, and a second just missing a state record. We had 3 individual champs- with another state record and an All-American time. One thing that I love about these boys/men is the support they have for each other. It’s this attitude about team and looking out for each other that I think leads to the continued success. Like in all years past we lose some big seniors, but the future is bright and I know they will “find a way” next year!