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The Trench is a Hit!

A new play written by Oliver Lansley with live music by Sarah Coleman-Gonzales, The Trench is inspired by the true story of a miner who became entombed underground in a collapsed tunnel during World War One. As the horror threatens to engulf him, he finds that not everything in the darkness is what it seems. The line between fantasy and reality blurs as he embarks on an epic journey for survival questioning what’s real, what’s not and whether it even matters.  HHS production of this new show was a hit, both with the audiences that came to view it and the judges at the State Qualifing Trumbauer Competition, where it advanced to the the state judging at the Trumbauer Festival at Troy University, December 5th through the 7th.

Mrs. Dotts, the legendary HHS English teacher, reviewed the show and had this to say,  "This production of "The Trench" illustrates the truth of war and the human spirit. The speaking parts were delivered with passion and precision; every word rang clear and with emotion. The cast of soldiers played the silent roles with assurance both as stagehands moving the scrims to form the different scenes and as the mass of soldiers reinforcing the horror and power of war with the sound of boots marching. The chorus of three nurses provided the exposition with intensity and clarity. The puppetry was marked with such power that one soon did not not see the puppeteers; instead the director and cast and tech crew wrought so well that the audience 'willing[ingly] suspend[ed] disbelief," as Samuel Taylor Coleridge described an experience that for a while suspends the critical faculties in order to believe. You, too, will believe. Bring a Kleenex for the final scene."