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Wendy Piner -- LMS Librarian

I have always wanted to be a teacher -- the grade levels would change as I progressed through school, but I remained excited about teaching and learning. That is, until a teacher in my high school told me NOT to go into teaching (math), as there were too many math teachers around, and not enough jobs. I believed him, and I was crushed.
I wound up going to Daytona Beach Community College. No real plans after that. I eventually found myself working in television (behind the cameras), and married a fellow employee. Television is fun, but I still wanted to teach.
Fast forward a few years: I'm in school to be a Media specialist; it's a 51 mile drive through the back woods of Florida to get to campus (at night); I was substitue teaching during the day; and I am having my second child. What a busy schedule.
I became a single parent when my three kids were teens. Then I moved up to Huntsville to be with my Mom. Now all three children are grown and have moved away: Matt is 33; Michelle is 29, with 4 children; and Melissa is 27. I love being a Nana.
My sweet husband of 14 years (and native Huntsvillian), Steve Piner, took on a houseful of 3 teenagers, 5 cats, 1 dog, and a squirrel! I'd like to offer him up for some award for that!
Steve is patient with me while I fill many spaces in our house with my hobbies. The sewing room is "Area 51 / Land of the UFOs" (UnFinished Objects). I have yarn stuffed in a spare bedroom, and my dolls pop up in several rooms. I also embroider, and have made wooden furniture (yes, from scratch!) I like to know how everything is made.
My most recent quilt is hanging on the wall of the Internet Cafe (Library). My next project I hope to get done soon is shoemaking.
The only thing I can't make is dinner -- I hate to cook!
B.S. Educational Media, 1987 University of Central Florida
Library Media Instruction
256-428-8050 ext 236
Library/Media Specialist