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HJHS Students Earn PBIS Rewards

First Baptist Church purchased PBIS Rewards for our school to support our PBIS initiative.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports. It seeks to reduce or eliminate poor behavior school wide through the encouragement of positive behaviors. PBIS decreases office discipline referrals, increases instructional time, and improves student achievement. This intentional focus on positive reinforcement is creating and maintaining a positive school climate for the students and teachers.

How does PBIS Rewards help build a positive school climate? 

PBIS Rewards is a digital platform that allows our staff members to recognize any student, anywhere for meeting behavior expectations. 

What are HJHS’s PBIS Expectations?

HJHS expects P.R.I.D.E.  

  • Positivity

  • Respect

  • Involvement

  • Dependability

  • Engagement

How do students earn points?

When students display the behavior that is expected, they are recognized for it. Students have a QR code on their computer that can be scanned or teachers can look up classes or individual students. 

How many points can students earn a day?

The goal is for students to earn at least 5 points a day.  There is no limit on the number of points that can be earned.  Points can not be taken away for negative behavior.  Each teacher can give out 200 points a day to students. 

What can students use their points for?

The points earned may be used to purchase items from Big Red Grocery Store.  Big Red Grocery is being supported by First Baptist Church. The store provides items such as:

  • Dry goods like cereal, rice, beans, microwavable foods, simple cooking foods, peanut butter and jelly.

  • Refrigerated foods & Freezer Foods (coming soon)

  • Household items: detergent and paper goods

  • School Spirit Gear: T-shirts, pencils, and HJHS swag 

We plan to have drawings for larger prizes and gift cards.  Students can use points to enter the drawing.  We hope to provide other rewards such as tickets to school athletic events. 

When can students use their rewards points?

Students should make an appointment time on the Google Form posted in Mrs. Spear’s Counseling Schoology page.  Big Red Grocery is open on Monday and Friday mornings.  Students can use points in any “store” set up by classroom teachers.  Students can use points to purchase entries when online drawings are set up.  We have a drawing this month for a $25 Chick-Fil-A gift card. 

How can I support this initiative?

  • Ask your child for a daily update of points earned and discuss the positive behavior exemplified at school.

  • Ask your child to login at to show you their points earned and points history.      

  • Please contact Sarah Spear if you are interested in donating a gift card or item to be featured in a drawing for students.  Her email is

  • Please contact Jamie Mackey at if you would like more information on how to help First Baptist Church support Big Red Grocery Store. 

Who should we thank for providing this experience to our students?

HUGE thank you to Jamie Mackey and Scott Day from First Baptist Church!  They have worked so hard to develop our partnerships! We truly could not have done this without Jamie Mackey's vision and leadership!  Many thanks to Dr. Coffey for her immediate interest and support in this endeavour.  She helped coordinate a quick turn-around of a huge project.  

We are thankful for First Baptist Church who purchased the grocery store shelving, grocery items, and the PBIS Rewards Program.   They coordinated the partnership with Publix of Twickenham for the ordering of all the groceries for us.  Thank you Limbaugh Orthodontics for donating red reusable shopping bags.  Many thanks to HJHS PTA for the purchase of swag items available to students in the store.  

Much gratitude to Mrs. Spear, HJHS school counselor, who set up all student PBIS rewards student accounts and input all the grocery store items.  She is coordinating student visits and supporting peer helpers’ management of the store. Last, but not least, we need to thank our peer helpers who are managing the inventory, stocking shelves, delivering appointment notifications, and checking out customers in the store.