First Day of School

Monday, August 17 is the first day of school for the 2020-21 term.  Students enrolled in the Traditional Learning Framework will begin the 1st 9 weeks in Remote Learning due to the current COVID-19 health situation.  For information about what that will look like this year, please click the more information button below to view the Reset Plan Information Hub.

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Huntsville Junior High Volleyball 2020

Congrats to the 7th grade Volleyball Team:

  1. Adaline Bostick
  2. Sonya Coleman
  3. Mackenzie Comer
  4. Ella Douhit
  5. Keely McCool
  6. Kaetlyn McGriff
  7. Sarah Medders Raleigh
  8. Sophia Sims
  9. Morgan Sundloft
  10. Elizabeth Tatum

Congrats to the 8th grade Volleyball Team:

  1. Hannah Austin
  2. Lila Dixon
  3. Genevieve Edkard
  4. Jayne Hansberg
  5. Hope Howell
  6. Ella Langford
  7. Sophie Krichev
  8. Kennedy Moss
  9. Lillian Retzke
  10. Neveah Rice
  11. Molly Walker