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1st Nine Weeks Accelerated Reader Shoutouts

We would like to brag on our all our students for their hard work during the first nine weeks on Accelerated Reader (AR). AR is one of the many ways we encourage our students to read independently. After reading a book, they login into their account and take the AR test which earns them points. The more points they earn, the more prizes and rewards! Many teachers have different reward systems for AR, make sure to reach out to your child's and ask how they are to earn their points! Below are the grade level standings in AR points for the 1st nine weeks. We group k-2 together, 3-4, and 5-6. 

K: 4.1 points

1st grade: 69.9 points 

2nd grade: 122.4 points

3rd grade: 101.1 points

4th grade: 479.3 points

5th grade: 612.9 points

6th grade: 395.3 points 

HUGE Congratulations to Christian H of 6th grade and Desmond E. of 5th grade for joining the 100 points club!! We are SO proud of you. 

We continue to encourage independent reading both at school and at home. Books can be read physically as well as online on programs such as Myon and Epic. The students know how to find and read books on their own devices and can use these programs whenever they have WiFi. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding AR, or the independent reading programs discussed above.