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6th Grade is Visited by Scott Phillips

Shuttleman Plays Moon Guitar for 6th Grade

On Friday, October 18th, Scott Philips came to our 6th grade classes to speak to us.  The Moon Guitar that he helped create with Martin guitars will go on display at the Davidson Center, home to Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. He created this guitar because this year is our 50th Anniversary of the first man on the moon. It was a very neat guitar. His visit was sponsored by the Microwave Dave Education Foundation.

He told us how he grew up carving things and how he carved a Shuttle for every Space Flight that happened. He even told us, that when the Challenger exploded, he carved Shuttles for all the families of the astronauts who lost their lives.

Scott’s nickname is “Shuttle man”. He worked for NASA for 33yrs. He was very knowledgeable and sang songs for us playing the guitar. It was just amazing to bring the guitar knowing it was made out of seeds that came from the moon, was planted at Cape Canaveral. Then the tree was hit by the hurricane and brought to Scott to make a guitar out of.