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Back to School Tips

We know that going back to school can be rough for a lot of families. The bustle of the mornings and crazy afternoons can take a lot of time from family. We want to provide some back to school tips that may help make those times go by quicker and easier, so you have more time with family. 

Tip 1: Have your child(ren) pack their own lunches the night before. This can save time and get them involved with how and what they eat for lunches. This is also a chance for parents to explain healthy choices and why eating a good lunch helps everyone learn better.

Tip 2: Schedule a bedtime. "Get a good nights rest" as Mrs. Allen (4th grade teachers) says. Kids need lots of sleep to help them be prepared and ready to learn at school. A good night's sleep will also help with making waking up in the mornings a little easier. 

Tips 3: wake up early! It is no lie that when you wake up late and have to be rushed that the morning goes by to quick, something is not done right, and the kids hair looks crazy. Waking up a little bit earlier will give you that peaceful time to get yourself ready before waking up the kiddos and starting the day. 

We know these tips are pretty well known and can be hard to get into routine when your life is crazy. Always remember, you have time to take a step back and enjoy your kids. We hope these tips help and are loving getting to be a part of your children's lives. Always let us know if there anything we can do to make your life easier and insure your children love themselves and their school and learning as much as we do.