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James I Dawson Elementary
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5308 Mastin Lake Road

Black Inventors Wax Museum

Dawson 5th & 6th Grade Science, Social Studies, English, Writing Collaboration is Huge Hit

All students at Dawson visited the Black Inventors Wax Museum presented by the 5th and 6th grades. It was an educational experience for the entire school.

Inventors and Inventions

  • Bessie Griffin - electric feeding tube
  • Lewis Latimer - filaments for the first light bulb in collaboation ith Thomas Edison
  • Jerry Lawson - video game cartridges
  • Shirley Jackson - touch tone cell phones
  • Charles Drew - the blood bank
  • Frederick Jones - first automatic refridgeration system for trucks
  • Lonnie Johnson - the super soaker
  • Mary and Mildred Davidson - human walker and toilette paper holder
  • Henry Sampson - gamma electric cell for cell phones
  • Phillip Downing - metal box on 4 legs, precursor to the mailbox
  • Marc Hannah - 3D graphic moview
  • Patricia Bath - Laserphaco Probe