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Chess in the OLC

Our GIFTED teacher Ms. Colvin has been busy already this year, getting activities ready for our students to learn with. One big hit at our school has always been Chess Club and using our program Chesskids. The students love it and have tournaments with each other and even teachers. Ms. Colvin is the QUEEN of chess and made it her duty to make sure all our students get to explore, learn about, and play chess in their free time. She offers Chess Club for students on Fridays and she also visits classrooms to teach and help students with Chesskids program.

The program allows students to work through chess games and level up by going through chess lessons. All around our school has become huge Chess fans. Ms. Colvin's newest chess attraction can be found in the Outdoor Learning Center. It is giant chess pieces for students to play giant chess! Plenty of students are going to enjoy this during their free time and we hope all students get a chance to experience the fun. 

Here is a message from the Queen herself about the Outdoor Learning Center:

"The Outdoor Learning Center continues to expand this year. Ms. Colvin and helpers installed pavers to create a large chess board in the OLC. Student in Chess Club and students at recess can enjoy playing chess in the OLC. We hope to also add a weather station and a lot more plants this year. Contact Ms. Colvin if you can help in any way. We need donations and volunteers to help weed and plant. Thank you!"

You can contact Ms. Colvin or the front office if you would like to make a donation.