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Dawson's Robotics Team Goes to State Championships

The robotics team competed in one of the Alabama Qualifer competitions back in December. The robotics competition is composed of a variety of items that students are judged on. They create a solution to a problem that they present to judges, they talk about how they have used the core values during their time in robotics, they talk about how they designed their robot and chose what parts of the robot game they wanted to run, and lastly students run their robot on the field with whatever programs they created. First LEGO League gives out trophies to the highest scoring teams in each judging category, but the teams that are chosen to qualify for state do not necessarily have to be a winner in a category. Our team was chosen along with two other teams to qualify for the state competition. There were about 3 teams from each other qualifer event that were also chosen for the state competition. The students will be competing again on January 20th where they will present the same things, but with improvements.