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James I Dawson Elementary
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Dawson's State Report Card

Dear Dawson Family,

I understand and appreciate the Alabama Accountability Act that requires the State Department of Education to submit a report card for each school and school system in the state. With that being said, I do not and will not identify James Dawson Elementary as a failing school based on the rating that we received.

This year alone we have significantly increased our STAR reading and math scores. We have also shown improvement on the DIBELS and Scantron assessments that have been administered this school year. Our school library circulation has increased markedly by 66 % over the last two years.

Dawson provides additional opportunities for our students as well as our families. These additional activities allow our students to succeed and excel in other areas of their academic growth.

  • Dawson’s Robotics Team not only competed for the first time this year, but we qualified to go to the state competition!
  •  Feb. 5-9, Grades 1st-6th have the opportunity to skate during their PE time.
  • Newly Formed PTA
  • Our Green Power team has placed in multiple district races.
  • Dawson hosts Math Team competitions for our district schools and competes with other district math teams.
  • Dawson hosts the Mae-Jemison Technology Fair in May.
  • Students are honored for their academic achievements on Award’s Day.
  • Students celebrate their good citizenship by going to the Dawson Dollar Store.
  • Dawson students have the opportunity to participate in after school on-campus community activities. Some of these activities include the Huntsville Drum Line, Fantasy Play House, and the Steps Dance Club.
  • Our Dawson adults have the opportunity to participate in Second Mile, Family Advocacy through Caring Engagement Strategies (FACES), Grandparents and Relatives as Parents Program (Grand RAPP), Families and Schools Together (FAST), and Pancakes with Dads, Granddads, and Uncles to name a few.
  • Our 6th grade boys played a Round Robin Championship Basketball game on February 2. They all showed integrity and sportsmanship, and a LOT of talent, during and after the game.

I would not be able to do all of these amazing activities without the support and encouragement of our Dawson family, community partners, teachers, and students. As I have always said, “Our students can never get this school year back.” We will continue to work toward academic excellence, and I will continue to have high expectations for my teachers, my students, and myself. I want you to know that I appreciate your past support and look forward to your continued support on this educational journey.

Deana Henson
James Dawson Elementary