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Literacy and Learning: Ideas for Parents

New from our sister site, Colorín Colorado, these tips for families offer ideas on supporting and monitoring their child's social-emotional wellness throughout the year. These tips are available in English and Spanish, with more languages to come soon!

Reading 101: A Guide for Parents

Learn what it takes to become a strong reader and writer — and discover lots of easy literacy-building activities to do with your child at home. (Created in partnership with the National Education Association)

Nonfiction Read Alouds

Nonfiction books give kids a chance to learn new concepts and vocabulary, as well as broaden their view of the world. Learn how to take a "book walk" with a new nonfiction book and model active reading. (in English and Spanish)

See also: The Vocabulary of Science (in English and Spanish)

Weather Report!

Uncover some great fiction and nonfiction books about rain, wind, and big storms; tornado poetry (and other writing prompts); kid-friendly weather apps; and a set of easy hands-on activities. Keep a weather diary, cook up some kitchen snowflakes, explore the wind, create your own magical rainstick, and more.

See all 24 kid-friendly topics at Start with a Book

Bird Buddies!

A Book-Based STEAM Adventure

The fall bird migration has begun … and kids may be noticing new bird activity in their backyards, on local nature rambles, and in the sky. To help children learn more about these fascinating creatures and their habits, check out our free Bird Buddies toolkit, full of book recommendations, hands-on activities, writing ideas — and even a daily bird walk guide!

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