All Schools Transitioning to Remote

All Huntsville City Schools will transition to remote learning beginning Monday, Jan. 24 through Friday, Jan. 28. Students will return to campus on Monday, Jan. 31. HCS is joining school systems across North Alabama in transitioning to remote learning due to the impacts of COVID-19 and staffing availability. This decision helps ensure instruction can continue safely and effectively.  Click the More Information button below for additional details and instructions.

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Jemison Magnet Program

College Academy Mission Statement

Allow exceptional students to begin college in high school, participate in college activities, take classes in college facilities, and earn approximately 60 hours of college credit in courses taught by college professors in Huntsville's only College Academy. 

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Unique Program Components

  • Students earn a high school diploma while having the opportunity to earn up to 30-60 college credit hours.
  • College courses taught by college professors both on the Jemison High School and UAH campuses.
  • Students have the opportunity to work with the College Academy Dean and Counselor, College Professors on the high school campus as well as use college support centers (College Library, Student Success Center) to ensure success in high level high school courses and college courses.
  • Substantial financial savings for families
  • Provides students the greatest access to college-level courses compared to other surrounding high schools.
  • New Students participate in a variety of activities and a bridge program to begin receiving important skills to help prepare them for the rigorous high school and college coursework.

Application Information

For current application information, please visit the Huntsville City Schools Magnet page

Application Requirements: 

  • Students are eligible to apply during grades 7-10
  • Criteria for selection will include grade point average ability to successfully complete Algebra I, an interview, demonstrated maturity, and recommendations from school personnel such as principals, teachers, and school counselors.
  • Parent, guardian, or student must complete online application provided on the district magnet page, provided above, during the application window
  • For additional information please contact Dean Tyrone Jones.

College Academy Magnet Application Information

Steps to Apply for the College Academy:

  1. Apply online during the application window (and save your application confirmation page).  After applying, you will wait for your “Next Steps” email.  Recommendations from teachers will automatically be sent for all current Huntsville City Schools students.
  2. Students who are not currently registered in a Huntsville City School will need to provide a copy of their grade transcript and standardized test scores.  Recommendations forms will be provided to the parent to send to identified teachers.
  3. You will receive a "Next Steps" email with the writing sample directions, due dates, how the writing sample will be administered and additional guidelines at the email address provided in your online application.

Online Writing Sample Dates and Times

Next Steps dates will be specified in an email received from Magnet Office and/or the Magnet Coordinator.

Online Writing Sample Rubric


Standard 1: Interest

Standard 2: Commitment

Standard 3: Experiences


Student expresses a strong interest and has a detailed understanding of the program theme.

Student expresses an evident eagerness to participate in the program theme.

Student shares a variety of past academic achievements and awards that support the theme.


Student expresses a clear interest and understanding of the program theme.

Student expresses some eagerness to participate in the program theme.

Student shares some past academic achievements and awards that support the theme.


Students expresses some interest and understanding of the program theme.

Student expresses little eagerness to participate in the program theme.

Student shares limited academic achievements and awards that support the theme.


Student expresses little or no interest or understanding of the program theme.

Student does not express an eagerness to participate in the program theme. 

Student does not share any academic achievements and awards that support the theme.

What’s Next?

After essay sessions are complete, an application review committee (comprised of a Jemison/College Academy faculty member, a UAH faculty member, and a HCS District representative) will meet to score the student essays.  This score will be added to the rest of the application scores (grade average, standardized tests, recommendations, and essay) for a total application score.  Students who reach a score that enables them to move forward in the application process will advance to the interview phase.

Interview Dates and Times:

Specified in the “Next Steps” Email received from Magnet Office.

The Interview:

  1. Students will participate in their interview during the hour block in which their interview is scheduled, sign in, and wait to be called into their interview.
  2. Names will be called, in order, from the SIGN-IN sheet.
  3. Each student will be interviewed by a committee of three people: a faculty member from Jemison/College Academy, a faculty member from UAH, and a HCS District representative.
  4. Each interview takes approximately 10 minutes and each interview committee will ask the same interview questions and score each question using the same interview rubric.

The Selection:

The interview score will be added to the application score to produce the overall composite score.  Students will be ranked from highest score to lowest score.  All students who interviewed but are not offered a seat will be placed on the waitlist.