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Bailey, The Scarecrow Dog

If I were a scarecrow, I would have button eyes and a suit with a lot of hay. And then when it is night I will stare at the field. I will have a wooden mouth with sharp teeth and with scarecrow blood running down my mouth. I would do nice things and but once at night I’ve heard a crackling swoosh swoosh. It must have been the wind but what I didn’t know is that there was a bush by a creepy looking house. “I am a scary creature,” I said and without hesitation I ran into the creepy house. I never knew that there was another scarecrow and that he was my brotherAt once all the animals went up to us and played. Then the werewolf that had been living in my brother’s creepy house for over a hundred years was so vicious and without due respect he tried to eat the animals. My brother ran up and I did too. We tackled the wolf but turns out the werewolf was our favorite pet. It was his old wolf, Bailey. She is a scarecrow dog. She helped him guard the corn and field a long time ago. It had regeneration for a scarecrow dog. It was a special dog, and it was pretty too. But scarecrows don’t cry but we busted into tears. I was sad too because I didn’t know it was Bailey his scarecrow dog and that she was his only special dog. We forgot she had regeneration until we saw her raise up and start regeneration. So, we weren’t sad because Bailey healed and she wasn’t sad either. And we were happy ever after.

The End.

By: Cornellius