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Craig's Scarecrows

I am a scarecrow. I will see the seeds. I will scare the big fowl. I will get them to grow up good. I will be creative. l will look like with person.

By: Angel

If I was a scarecrow, I would be on a stick. I would wear overalls with black shoes. Every day and night I would see birds and other scarecrows. I would look like a good and nice scarecrow.

By: Riley

I would be a scarecrow and I would be in a big, big field. First, during the nights, I would use my hay hands to pick my stick legs out of the ground and go use my binoculars to look around the big field. If any animal came looking out for me my scarecrow friend Lily would help me find a hiding spot. When it starts to sunrise on the east I would start to go back to my spot in the field. And dig a nice hole and hop right in it. And use my hay/cloth hands to put dirt back in my spot to bury myself in. Next, during the daytime I would watch my farmer dig up all the weeds and plant some crops. The farmer would plant pumpkins, corn, peppers, and carrots. Also, I would watch the wife of the farmer take the wool of the sheep. I would watch the horses and cows roam around the big, big field. The farm field name was Scarecrow Friendly. I would watch the friendly crows hop right on me. But when the crows are trying to eat the seeds, I would tell them to stop and if you want to eat a seed eat the ones on my stick/hay arms. Last, I would play with the pigs.

By: Millie

I am a scarecrow. I love company. And every day I see birds and rabbits hopping across the field. And at night I see owls come out the trees.  But I did see a shadowy figure last night. Oh, it's nighttime already well ok *BOOM* woah! What was that! I think I just saw somebody drop to the floor... I think somebody's in that house wait... Why is there a man coming out here with an axe... WAIT HELP PLEASE!

By: Wyatt

If I was a scarecrow, I would be scary. I would have a metal mouth with sharp teeth. And I would wear some jeans with jacket.

If I were a scarecrow, I would stand in a field. and I would be next to corn flower. I would watch it grow. I would enjoy my warm coat and feel the wind. I would watch the farmer grow corn and pick it. And when it is winter, I will make friends and hopefully they will still be my friends. and I like being friends with the animals. I really like them.     By: Ben

If I was a scarecrow, I would rest and watch the corn grow. And I would watch the geese pick the corn. And I would watch the birds and fox.     By: Aracely

If I were a Scarecrow, I would lie in the field with the corn all around me. I would be made of wheat, a stick, some buttons. I would wear a hat and a coat. I would love to be friends with the animals but I have a scary face so they are scared of me. I wish that I could be a jolly snowman. I would have more friends.     By: Zach

I am scarecrow. Crows are flying away from me. I have a carrot for a nose. My face is hay. I have a hand. I wear overalls. I have feet of hay.     By: Jonathan

First if I was a Scarecrow, I would stand on a hill. Next if I was a scarecrow, I would watch the cops. Also, if i was a Scarecrow, I would watch the farmer. Last if I was a scarecrow, I would scare the crows.        By: Khloe

I am a scarecrow. First, I would get made. Next the crows will fly away from me. Also, they will be scared of me. Last, I will watch the garden.     By: Kacelynn

If I am a scarecrow I will scare some body at night. I will scare birds. I will scare the dog.     By: Kevin

If I was a scarecrow, I would be a friendly one. I would be in a big meadow field with pretty flowers. I would try to scare the birds away from eating the seeds. That day I was wearing a blue shirt and old jeans I was also where a hat. When the farmer came out, he had a bag of sun flower seeds. First, he planted the sunflower seeds. Then the next day he came out then turned on the sprinkler. Also, that morning little spouts showed up. Last the sunflower seeds and sprouts where was just a tall plant. Then a lot of orange and red leaves feel from the sky. Then white little specks of cold came. Soon the specks where not specks. they were up to my jeans. That’s what my life would be like if I was a scarecrow. The End.     By: Kinley

I am a scarecrow. I will scare everything. I will scare foxes. I will scare birds. I will scare crows.     By: Ryan

By: Alex