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Hour of Code Coming Soon

During Computer Science in Education week, many people give computer programming a try during a world-wide event called THE HOUR OF CODE.  Here a Jones Valley, we do this each week in a class called  ETA (Entertainment Technology Academy).  In ETA, students in grades K-5 learn computer coding, robotics, circuitry and hardware modification, digital citizenship, multidimensional design, 3D printing, and other areas of Computer Science.  THE HOUR OF CODE at Jones Valley is an event where students show the community what they have been learning.  The Press, parents, school officials, sponsors, and government officials are invited.

On December 6, from 9-10:00, Grades 2-5 will meet for an assembly.  Special guests will speak and Mrs. Besherse will say a few words to educate our guests about what they will be seeing.  For the remainder of the hour, students will demonstrate assigned activities while guests move about the stations observing, asking questions, taking photographs, and hopefully being inspired by our program.

Each class will have an assigned activity that will not be new to them.  Instructions will be printed out and name tags will be mark seating.  Every detail will be in writing for the teacher as well. 

Please come and be a part of this fascinating activity!

Mrs. Besherse