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Scarecrow Triplets

If I was a scarecrow, I would stand high over the flowers. And I would have a plaid shirt and overalls. And I would would watch over the barn and sunflowers. And every day I would be visited by squirrels, chipmunks, and crows. I would want to play with them. And every day I would keep the animals from getting the food. And one day it snowed outside. And all the animals played on me. One day I had footprints all over me by the animals and they played on me. And then all the snow melted. And if I have to be a scarecrow, I would love having fun.

By: Courtlyn

I am a scarecrow! I wear a dress. I love to see animals. My favorite thing to see is frogs. When I see plants grow I feel work inside. If I was a scarecrow, I would love when birds fly on me. It feels good. I love being a scarecrow! I love it when I see trees! I love seeing all the nature outside because of how pretty it is outside. I love the wind. When my hair blows, it feels awesome. I love being a scarecrow. I think you would too. You will have a bunch of friends. I guarantee it. I promise it is fun. You should try it. Pretty please pretty pleeeeeeeeese! It will be sooooooooooooo fun. Come and try it yourself. I always see nature. I love seeing all the different types. I also love seeing different nature, different people and more. You will too. You can make your own scarecrow at anytime you want and it will be soooooooooooo fun! Come on I know you want to do it. Come join me. Come on, it is fun. You might be saying to yourself no but just do it okay? Think about it first and then think more and then try your best to do it. Okay? It is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

By: Juliana

If I was a scarecrow, I would want to be a happy scarecrow. Happy scarecrow motion gets friends because happy dancers make more friends. I was scared because I don't want to be lonely. When the sun goes down and the animals come out, I see them looking into the water. When I go, I see that when the sun comes up and I know animals will come out. I love the animals.

By: Kyndall