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Segal's 5th Graders Experience Escape Room

Teacher Allison Segal is at it again!  While teaching Genres, her Reading Classes participated in a "Starbooks" Reading Menu complete with all the ingredients for a delicious Hot Chocolate. When teaching parts of Literature, students dressed in full doctor scrubs and dissected parts of books and magazines.  During October, the 5th graders read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  Mrs. Segal and Librarian Charlotte Woo created a spooky atmosphere in the Library for Halloween by hanging orange twinkle lights, stretchy spider webs, blacklights and several strobe lights.  A full bodied skeleton sat at the computer hub with a sign attached to his arm that read, "Welcome to the Die-brary."  On Halloween, Mrs. Segal's classes came to Library and participated in a 45 minute Escape Room activity where they were challenged to read and travel through 6 Locks of questions from Sleepy Hollow.  The kids were enthusiastic and actively engaged in the pursuit to escape unscathed!  We can report that all groups escaped without harm!