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Sixth Grade Students Respond to the Ukraine Russian Crisis

By: Wyatt 

I think we should keep doing nothing that would lead us into war against Russia. We should give money to Ukraine that would help Ukraine put off Russia. I think Putin will not stop because Putin has been pretty clear that he won’t let up on Ukraine. Hopefully the civilians and the Russian government will overthrow the idea to invade Ukraine. I also think that NATO needs to be on high alert just in case Russia does overthrow Ukraine. If Russia does win against Ukraine and they choose to attack other countries, we would have an advantage because they would spread out their military. Hopefully Russia doesn’t turn on us if we help too much because we are a big power in this world. They may decide to start another cold war with bombs and nuclear threatining. Overall I think that the United States should stay out of war at all costs, but try to help Ukraine. What do you think?

By: Lucy

I feel that America should not send troops or help Ukraine in any other way than they are now. If America were to help Ukraine by sending troops or etc. then Russia will most likely be invading our military bases to ruin the supplies to kill the army. The Arsenal is one of the biggest military bases in Alabama, which is located here in Huntsville, Alabama, and it would not be good to have Russians invading here, would it? IF Russia were to invade the U.S. then we would have support from all the NATO countries. (It would also be the same way if Russia were to invade another NATO country then the U.S. would, in fact, help out). With help from the U.K. and U.S. by sending military weapons to Ukraine, they are doing much better with the support. Also, Poland is helping by letting the Ukranias go into Poland. I think America is doing the best they can without invading Russia and sending troops to ukraine. This is my opinion on the response about the U.S. to Russian Aggression.

By: Callum

America should be smart about Russia.They should station more troops in NATO countries in that area. They should be smart because if they send troops into Ukraine, it could cause a war between Russia and the U.S.  Since the U.S. is NATO, it would be a sequence of events and cause a big war. The U.S. needs to offer as much support without directly sending troops into Ukraine, much of which we have done. Some of the stuff Ukraine has asked we cannot do because it could possibly start a war, and we do not want that. Anything that involves other countries going into combat with the Russians can not happen. The Russians have one of the biggest supplies of nuclear warheads, so if we go into war, it would be bad. Some of the Russian soldiers have put holes in their fuel lines so they can’t follow the Ukrainians because they did not know what they were getting into. Some Russians even have family in Ukraine. There has been some speculation about Putin’s mental health, that would explain some of the outlandish things he has done, why he won’t listen to his advisers, and why he has targeted the civilians. We can’t do much now, but we can do something, so we should.

By: Qloe

I think that America has to be careful about how they respond. They should indirectly help, but carefully. They could use propaganda or encourage American Citizens (not military) to go to Ukraine to fight. They could also give civilians money to travel there, and could give support without actual military support. Of course, the U.S. wouldn’t specifically tell anybody to go help, and they can’t give anyone too much money, but they could send them over for the Ukrainians to train them. It would be a sort of militia, and anyone who went could get a bravery award. The U.S. could also start a donation fund for people to send money and support to Ukraine, so the cost wouldn’t affect the government that much, and all that would be needed is some propaganda to raise patriotism. This plan would make it so that the U.S. could indirectly send troops, and offset the cost of the efforts they’re already making so that they can be continued. This is how I think the U.S. should respond.