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"What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" by Second Graders

Here are a few examples of career choices from our fabulous second graders!

When I grow up....

  • "I want to be an author because I've benn writing for years."
  • "I want to be in the "millutire" because it seems fun and because my Dad was in the "millutire."
  • "I want to be a school bus driver because buses are very special to me."
  • "I want to be a marine biologist beause I "luve oshin anumis" and studying them."
  • "I want to be a vet because I love animals and my sister calls me the dog whisperer."
  • "I want to be a teacher because I get treats from kids!"
  • "I want to be a Mom and a doctor because a doctor helps people and a momdoes  too."
  • "I want to be a "polisman" because it is the best."