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Andrew Haynes

I was born here in Huntsville, raised in Fayetteville, and moved back to Huntsville during my high school years. This is only my second year as a teacher, and I'm excited to make it an even better year than the first one! Both years I have been a teacher at LHS. My student teaching was done at Monrovia Middle School and Columbia High School and before that I observed at many different schools in the county, so I have seen a wide array of teaching and learning strategies from a large spectrum of people. Before teaching I worked at Target 7+ years while I was getting through college. My hobbies include teaching, swimming, gaming, and hiking. I am the oldest of three. What I love about teaching is the opportunity to make a difference in a young person's life, getting to see them learn and grow, and hopefully reach their full potential.
AAS, Calhoun Community College
B.A. in Secondary English Education, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Class B, Secondary English Language Arts Education