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Bus Routes

Please click here for the HCS Bus Routes Page

High school students (9th through 12th grade) who live more than 5 miles from their school are eligible for school bus transportation.

Students who are approved for Majority-to-Minority Student Transfers and Magnet Schools are eligible for school bus transportation from their home/zoned school to their newly assigned school.

Lee High School has one neighborhood bus route that picks up students who live within the 5 mile radius usually required to receive school bus transportation.  This is bus 148.

There are two magnet bus routes that pick students up at the other Huntsville City high schools.  These are buses 24 and 181.

There are also several New Century Bus routes that Lee High School students may ride.  These are buses 18, 38, and 40.

If you would like to find out if your student is eligible for school bus transportation or have a question concerning a bus stop, please contact:

Durham School Services: 256-489-1025 OR

Huntsville City Schools Transportation Department: 256-428-8352