Blended Learning & Spring Break Feeding

All Huntsville City Schools remain closed through April 3rd.  Beginning Monday, April 6th, Huntsville City Schools will begin implementation of a Blended Learning Plan.  The Rock Worship Center & The Dream Center, in partnership with The Manna House, will be continuing curbside meal distribution during spring break.  We are grateful for the support of our community!  For more information about the blended learning plan, academic enrichment activities, and spring break feeding sites, please use the More Information button below to visit the Coronavirus & Crisis Contingency Plan page.


The Help Desk is currently available Mon-Fri from 7:30AM - 3:30PM at 256-428-6900.

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Grading Policies

9-Weeks Grade Categories

60% Summative Assessments: Tests, quizzes, essays, and projects that determine mastery of the course standards.

40% Formative Assessments: Classwork and homework that directly reflects and supports the mastery of course standards.

Yearly Grade Calculations

The yearly average is calculated as follows:

20% (1st 9 weeks grade) + 20% (2nd 9 weeks grade) + 10% (1st semester exam) + 20% (3rd 9 weeks grade) + 20% (4th 9 weeks grade) + 10% (2nd semester exam)

Grading Scale

If a student takes the corresponding AP test, the AP course grade will be weighted one point more than other courses for calculating the grade point average used to determine class rank. Honors courses are weighted .5 extra. 

Grade Classifications

A student progresses toward graduation by earning Carnegie units in the core and elective subjects. For student, parent, and administration convenience, grade level designations of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th are used for homeroom placement and to indicate progress towards completion of graduation requirements.

  • A 10th grader must have a minimum of 5 units
  • An 11th grader must have a minimum of 12 units
  • A 12th grader must have a minimum of 17 units
  • To graduate a student must 24 units

Click here for the Alabama High School Graduation Requirements

Class Ranking

To determine class ranking the following calculations are used:

  1. Weighted GPA (all core and elective classes)
  2. Numerical average carried to four (4) digits (all core and elective classes)
  3. ACT composite score

Credit Recovery

Students who did not receive credit in a course because they did not master course content or skills may apply for credit recovery. Credit recovery is based on making up deficiencies rather than on repeating the entire course, if the student has achieved a baseline score of 40 or more. To be eligible for credit recovery, students must have achieved a baseline score of 40 or above (on a 100-point scale). The final grade in credit recovery may not exceed 70 on a 100 point scale. Students with a baseline score below 40 (on a 100 point scale) are not eligible for credit recovery and must repeat the entire course. Credit recovery may be delivered by a highly qualified teacher or through instructional technology under the supervision of Huntsville City School staff.