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Lee Students Start Autism Awareness Campaign

Source Credit: Article Originally Appeared on WAAY 31 News

A local teen is teaming up with an area football star to run for Homecoming Princess at Lee High School in Huntsville. What makes Amryn Powell-Bush's campaign unique, is what she doesn't say. Amryn has autism and is nonverbal, but she communicates in other ways. In the video, she sits alongside Malik Langham and shows note cards, asking for your vote for Homecoming Princess.

Amryn's teachers came up with the idea for her to run for Homecoming Court, but they needed to convince Amryn's mother, Devita Powell-Bush.  Devita admitted to WAAY 31, she was skeptical about the idea at first, but later decided to go along with the plan.

The campaign has since gone viral with more than 13,000 views, at last check. 

Devita said she was surprised by the overwhelming support. She is now using this platform to shed a spotlight on autism and teach teens the power of respect and getting to know others, in spite of their differences. The campaign forced Amryn and her entire family to step out of their comfort zone. "Even though we understand that social settings and loud sounds are difficult for us. This is forcing us to go to a football game. This is forcing us to engage with our peers in the hall," Devita said. Devita has already noticed a change in Amryn's behavior, and says Amryn is becoming more independent every day.

If you would like to learn more about Amryn's journey, search for #AmrynSpeaks.