12-01-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

The district has released additional information regarding the cybersecurity threat, which includes the current plan for students, staff, and faculty to return to schools and offices.  Please use the more information button below to access the updated information.

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Media Arts Magnet

The Media Arts Magnet combines filmmaking techniques, visual storytelling, and cutting edge technology into a unique art form. Dedicated to educating and entertaining, Media Arts students create a wide variety of student video projects. Students also work closely with all creative and performing arts classes here at Lee. We provide live video for theatre and dance as well as recording and editing live events. Throughout their years in Media Arts, students will create online videos, produce commercials, develop screenplays, and practice student journalism. Students in this magnet gain professional skills increasingly vital to a modern job market reliant on media technology.

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
In order to complete the application process, students must attend an audition. Please email links to samples of work in video or journalism to Mr. Lee at dillon.lee@hsv-k12.org. Put “Media Arts Magnet Audition Portfolio” in the subject line. Please contact Lee High School Magnet Coordinator Ms. Carroll at megan.carroll@hsv-k12.org for more information about the audition process as well as specific times and dates.
Other Info: 
Samples of our work can be found on our YouTube channel (link below).