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Curriculum Fiesta Night and Reading Tips

The Curriculum Fiesta night was a great success at MLK. Students and families were able to celebrate Hispanic culture and also learn more about what is going on in the classroom. Classrooms were able to discuss routines, data notebooks, grading procedures, and provided parents with some reading and math take-aways.

As you all know, reading with your children may provide them with the biggest gains in all subject areas.

Here are 10 tips developed by the organization known as Reading Partners for helping your students improve their relationships with books and reading.

  1. Set a routine and encourage reading at specific times each night.
  2. Read as much as you can home with your children. Children can even read to their pets, siblings, or even stuffed animals!
  3. Make special reading spots in your home. This help encourages distraction-free zones for reading in your house.
  4. Become a great reading partner! Build trust and support with your children by reading with them.
  5. Surround your children with books. The public library has many options for children to read, and it free of charge.
  6. Bring books everywhere you go. The car can be a perfect place to read with your children.
  7. Become a reading role model! Show your children your love for reading, and they may learn by example!
  8. Communicate with your child’s teacher to discover their reading needs.
  9. Set learning and reading goals with your children.
  10. Be enthusiastic! Show your children your love for reading and encourage a positive attitude towards literature.