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50's Fun Theme for 3rd Grade!

What a Great Way to Learn! 

Third grade is rock'in their socks off this nine weeks with their study theme "The 50's" . Learning doesn't have to be boring! Making it exciting and fun is he best way to get kids involved with their learning. What better way to accomplish this than to teach thematically! Our 3rd graders switch classes, and every class and subject is involved in this learning. Below is a schedule of all the standards they covered, while incorporating this theme.

Math was covered in many ways; musical notes from 50's songs for fraction practice, comparing the difference in prices from the 50's to now in the 1050's diner and many other activities. 

Reading and Social Studies standards were thematically covered by creating timelines and reading, writing and presenting biographies of famous people from the era. 

In Science, students studied about NASA, which was founded in the 1950's. They learned about how Velcro was developed and completed experiements. 

Writing was especially fun.  Students presented their biographies as a wax museum.  Students from other grades walked through the living wax museum and watched powerpoints the students had created.  The students were dressed in character and not allowed to move or talk. 

During music, students learned about vynal record albums, album art and record players.  Mrs. Lyons even brought in a record player from the 50's to show the students.  

What a great way to learn!