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First Grade Loves Active Student Engagement

What Makes Learning Fun and Memorable? 

Active student engagement!  At McDonnell, our focus is on actively engaging all students in their learning.  Teaching that emphasizes active engagement helps students process and retain information. It leads to self-questioning, deeper thinking, and problem solving. Our first grade demonstrated this concept wonderfully on Friday as Mrs. Franklin and Miss Trafton submerged the students in learning through The Friendship Fruit Salad.  First, the students learned about friendships and sharing through a read aloud read by their teacher.  Afterward, the lesson involved the students organizing their collections of various fruits and creating a life size graph.  Next the students asked and answered questions about which fruit was greater than or less than another fruit.  The lesson then progressed into the lunch room where the other first grade classes joined in the fun and parents mixed and created a Friendship Salad to share. The lesson culminated with a writing lesson where the students wrote their own recipe for a Friendship Salad.  These activities encouraged and fostered an atmosphere for the students to develop a deeper understanding of content by working with and reflecting on the lessons taught. In addition, they all shared a great fruit salad!