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Green Power is Gearing Up

The Green Power team is made up of 4th and 5th graders. They spend the year building the car from the ground up and look forward to the day they get to drive it. April 8 was that day this year! Two of our 5th grade boys, Isidro and Jonathan, got to drive the car. The entire team was beyond excited to get to this point. The team members who didn't get to drive ran along the track with the car cheering the boys on. 

We race on April 24th and we cannot wait. 

2020-2021 Team Members: 

  1. Mia Scott 
  2. Dakota Nance 
  3. Evan Chance 
  4. Leslie Huerta 
  5. Jonathan Huerta 
  6. Ayana Johnson  
  7. Alyssa Robles 
  8. Miquel Jimenez 
  9. Isidro Rios 
  10. Bryan Sanabria 
    Team Coaches: Mrs. Gerhold-Costlow and Mr. Mike