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What Families Can Do to Help Their Child on Testing Days

State and District testing is just around the corner. So how can you help your  child be ready and do their best?

There are many simple, small things that a parent and child can do the night before the test and test morning that will help reduce test anxiety and assist a child to do their best. The following are ways to help your child do their best.

The night before is very important.  Be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep.  Also, choose what comfortable clothes to wear and lay them out. Decide what to have for breakfast.  This will slow down the morning rush. If you are usually a little late getting to school, set your alarm a few minutes earlier.

The morning of the test take a relaxing shower or bath to wake up your mind and body.  Listen to your favorite music as you get ready and go to school. On the way to school or during breakfast, read a simple, short passage or article. This will help get your brain going and ready to read. 

During the test, take a nice deep breath any time you feel stressed or worried.  Relax, set a purpose for reading by reading the question prior to the passage. Read the entire problem for math or science before you try and solve it. Identify exactly what the question is asking you to do or solve. 

These simple suggestions will give you a much better and more relaxing testing experience. Rock on! You got this!