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Character Word of the Month: Patriotism

Stars And Stripes- Poem By Malcom Burrell

As I sit here and watch red, white, and blue.
Waving it's stars of a United nation against the sky blue.
So much anger, and judgment I could spew.
For my skin color is the recorded history, of some of your most evil.
Then there's the lives lost, in the name of you.
Based on a piece of paper, that defines our societal and governmental.
Our beliefs and values. Ancestry is one thing, but I was born here, I am you.
So I will say this, as I have pledged allegiance to you.
Or rather, the ideas that are still a dream, and have yet to come true.
But the belief is what helps us get through.
That all men are created equal, and happiness can be pursued.
To promote the general welfare, so no one is hated or abused.
For when there is such, we can amend and outlaw, for we are reasonable.
Allowing all races, and religions to share in a common view.
A place to be free, raise our families, with no limits about possible.
And lend a hand to the world simply because we're able.
The home of the brave, protectors of the weak, and unable.
A guiding light, to the lands darkened by dictatorial.
For these ideas, I will allow my blood to flow into the earth, refreshing the tree of liberties blooming floral.
Sacrifice, a medal of honor pinned onto the chest of the willing dutiful. To keep you raised high over us, in God we trust, America the beautiful.

McNair Football

The McNair football team finished the 2021 season against Williams Middle on Tuesday, October 26th. With a resulting victory of 22 to 14, the mighty Wildcats ended with a 7- 1 record and the 3rd place ranking in the district. But most of all, they ended the season with life long bonds and friendships. Our young men have learned important traits of leadership - dedication, diligence, and teamwork! Congratulations to our team and our coaches!  You've managed to positively connect the McNair and HCS communities - a benefit of attending your events. You've made McNair better just for doing what you do! Bravo! McNair Strong!

Athletics: Go Fan - No Cash!

COVID seems to have impacted every aspect of our lives - even how we access our sports' activities. If you plan to attend any of the sporting activities, you will need to acquire your tickets through the GoFan page No cash will be taken at the door or gate for any sporting event this year for admission. However, cash will be taken for concessions.

Ticket Pricing

Football Tickets

  • Varsity: $11 Adults / $6 Students
  • Middle School: $8 Adults / $4 Students

All Other Tickets (i.e. Basketball, Volleyball and Track)

  • High School: $9 Adults / $5 Students
  • Middle School: $7 Adults / $4 Students

Important Events and Dates to Remember

  • After-School Tutoring - Monday through Friday from 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm. Please ensure you pick up your children no later than 4:50 pm. Thanks.
  • Tuesday, November 2nd - McNair Basketball (Home) vs Discovery. Games begin at 4:00 pm. 7G/8G/7B/8B
  • Thursday, November 11th: NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day Recognition
  • Friday, November 12th - Progress Reports go home
  • Friday & Saturday, November 12th & 13th - Basketball: HCS Challenge - location TBD
  • Tuesday, November 16th - McNair Basketball Away @ Sparkman. Games begin at 4:00 pm.
  • Tuesday, November 16th - School Board Meeting at 6:00 pm.
  • Thursday, November 18th - McNair Basketball @ HOME against Huntsville Junior. Games begin at 4:00 pm.
  • November 22nd - November 26th - NO SCHOOL
  • November 23rd - McNair Basketball AWAY @ Plainview. Games begin at 4:00 pm
  • November 25th - Thanksgiving Holiday
  • November 29th - McNair Basketball @ HOME against Westminster. Games begin at 4:00 pm.