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Back to School Letter from Principal Sutton

Dear Montview students and families,

In less than a month we will launch into an OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD journey that will last an entire school year! Our adventures will include STAR expectations and a few unexpected explorations. Just like trying to count the stars in the sky, it will be impossible to count all of the ways we will learn and grow together.  

Most days we will rocket smoothly through the cosmos, but occasionally we may experience a touch of turbulence in our galaxy. Those will be the days when you can count on lots of love and support. We have spent summer planning many stellar surprises, so let’s share the adventure of a lifetime! Best of all, we will be traveling with our fearless Montview Mustang family. Your teacher will be the tour guide throughout our journey.  The goal every single day will be to learn and discover something new. 

Soon our amazing mission will begin. You are invited to our launch pad for an OPEN HOUSE on July 29 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM.  You will be part of the Mustang crew! Bring your school supplies in, pick up your car tag, and meet your teacher. 

Now…buckle your seatbelt and secure your astronaut helmet. T minus five seconds and counting. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… zero. All engines running. The mission of SCHOOL begins Tuesday, August 2!

We have LIFT-OFF! 

Your principal, Ms. Sutton 

…and the whole Mustang crew!