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Morris Math Team

According to the Math League (2015), Math League Contests are designed to build student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. Over 1 million students around the world participate in Math League Contests each year. Students will practice for the Math League Contest (April 2016) and Huntsville Intramural Competition (March 2016) using the Math League Adaptive Learning System. Participants will be faced with questions from different areas of mathematics, suitable for their grade level indicated. The questions range in difficulty from straightforward through moderate to challenging. The Math League System provides a personalized learning environment to learn at their own pace, practice work, teacher assigned tests, and homework assignments. The class will begin with a working lunch atmosphere and group problem solving followed by independent practice and competitions using the Math League System.

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
How to Join: Visit Ms. Connor or Ms. Holtcamp and we will SOAR!
Membership Requirements: Grades 4 – 5
Other Info: 
Link to Website:
Phone: 256-428-7340
Location: Room 9 (5th Grade) Room 10 (4th Grade)
Session: We will meet weekly to work on math skills and teamwork.

Link to National Organization: