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Ms. Boyd's News


Dear Parents,                                                                                                          Sept. 9, 2019

Please, come to our Annual Title I Meeting on Tuesday, September 10. You can come at either 8:15 or at 3:00. We will have light refreshments at each meeting. Plan to either come in in the morning when you drop your child off for school or in the afternoon. At 3:45, we will have a quick PTA meeting. We hope to elect officers at this meeting.

Progress Reports went home on Sept. 4. This is a great time to have a teacher-parent conference to discuss STAR and/or DIBELS scores.

We have scheduled a kindergarten meeting for all parents on Wednesday, September 25 at 8:30. We desperately need your help to help students learn the alphabet and the sounds the letters make as well as some high frequency words. We want your child to learn to read this year and it will take a team effort.

Friday the 13th, will be our first HOUSE meeting. Ask your child what they did during the meeting. We have four houses but we are one family, each house is represented with a different color and character trait.

Parents, if you come to the school and we are in the middle of a drill or even in the building while a drill is going on, please respond appropriately: Fire Drill: leave the building; Intruder drill: hide in an appropriate place or leave the building. Thank you for helping us to keep your child safe.

Thank you again for supporting Morris Elementary. If you have any concerns, please contact the office and either Mr. Shingleton, our assistant principal, Ms. Parvin, our counselor, all the ladies in the front office or I will be glad to help.



Patty Boyd, principal