Return to In-Person Learning Five Days per Week

Huntsville City Schools (HCS) leaders announced plans during Thursday night’s board of education work session for traditional students to return to school Mondays through Fridays for the second nine weeks beginning Monday, Oct. 26, 2020.  To find out more, please click the more information button below:

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Alexander Mercieca

My name is Alexander Mercieca and I've been teaching in Huntsville City School for 15 years. Outside of school I am a Certified CrossFit trainer (L-3). I enjoy keeping my fitness levels up so that I can enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking. I also enjoy taking my motorcycle out on the weekends. I also play in a band on the weekend and we play a wide variety of music from heavy metal to country and everything in between. I enjoy cooking all different kinds of cuisine from all over the world and I also like to try different cooking methods as well. I am also about to finish my certification in Educational Administration in December of 2020 and plan on moving into administration in the next 5 years.
Masters Degree in Secondary Education Social Science from Alabama A&M University
ALSDE Secondary in Social Science Education
CrossFit L-3 Certification
Social Studies
I teach AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP European History, CrossFit (“Strength and Conditioning”), and US History Honors at New Century Technology High School. I also am the Key Club sponsor. I have been teaching in Huntsville City Schools for 15 years.