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Alumni Spotlight: Will Hall

written by Zadie Boyd on 2/18/22

William Hall is the inventor of the Accurest. The Accurest armrest provides an attachable and height adjustable platform to rest the patient's arm during a blood pressure reading. He thought of the idea as a student at New Century, while interning at Huntsville Hospital. William noticed that often times the arm level is not considered during real-world situations. His research and testing were done on classmates and teachers. 

William always had an interest in healthcare since some of his earliest memories were doing physical therapy after a car accident. New Century provided options into the healthcare world, so the biomedical strand was perfect for him. He made meaningful and lifelong connections while at school, especially with kids in the engineering strand. William was very active in an organization called the Health Occupation Students of America or HOSA.

HOSA allowed him to bring his friends into the foundations of the Accurest project. His friends had the engineering and design skill to help him turn his idea and healthcare knowledge into a physical product. The operation was supported by teachers at the school and allowed the boys to go to the state competition for HOSA and win 2nd place.

After graduation in 2018, Mr. Hall moved to Birmingham to attend UAB for Public Health and Herzing University for Nursing. He decided to focus on his studies and set the Accurest aside for a while, but something kept calling him back. He had found his passion. He has become dedicated to something bigger than himself and is relentless in his pursuit to improve modern healthcare.

Mr. Hall decided it was time to move forward with his idea and start the process of obtaining a patent for his design. He knew he would need protection to have meaningful and detailed conversations. His only options were filing for a patent or making everyone sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. There are three main patent types: design, utility, and plant. William required a utility patent but had no idea where to start.

He did some online research and found that he would be able to protect his idea with a patent pending status without having to pay thousands of dollars for a full utility patent. His next step is to compete in Alabama Launchpad which is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. 

William is extremely thankful for the people in his life who have helped him come closer to his goals. If someone wanted to follow in his footsteps, he would be happy to share some of the lessons he had to learn along this journey. He says he can always find time to speak with someone or offer advice. You can email him or check out his website to stay tuned for updates on the Accurest and future projects coming from Cole Medical Innovation!