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Computer Science Is Our Sport

Written by Ayanna Curry, Junior Journalism Student

The computer science strand introduces students to the cyber world and provides them with IT skills and computer concepts. Over the course of four years, students will be able to take up to 4 cyber-security courses, where they will learn about hardware, software, securing networks and operating systems, and computer programming languages such as Python and Java. The programs offered in this strand includes Software Development with C++, IT Fundamentals, Advanced Networking concepts, Cyber Forensics, Foundations of Information Security, as well as AP and game design courses. 165 (35.1%) of New Century’s students are involved in this strand, 64.8% which are male and 35.2% which are female. Students can also compete nationally in programming and cyber security contests, where they can connect with industry leaders through job shadows and internships.

Technology is always advancing and with it, we are allowed many ways to communicate with others. In this century of change, computer science is involved in everything we do, whether that be creating a video game, sending and receiving an email, or even messaging someone on our phones. The computer science strand allows us to experience and elaborate more on how computer science is involved in our everyday lives.

I personally am glad that New Century offers this strand because technology is everywhere, and it is a subject that everyone should be aware of or willing to learn. In today’s world, everyone is constantly on a phone, where software and hardware are advancing and becoming more reliable and secure. Computers are a way to work, play, send, and receive information. Within the one year I’ve attended New Century, I have learned how to communicate in binary, hexadecimal, and other computer science languages. I’ve learned about cyber-attacks, ethical hackers, and how to secure a network. None of this information would be accessible without the help of New Century’s computer science strand!