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CSI: Donnelly’s Class

Students around the country are always complaining about how their classes are boring. Well, that isn’t the case at New Century Technology High School. Our school has some really interesting classes. We have classes that teach game design, architecture, and medical terms. Although we have all of these interesting classes, one class that really stands out is our advanced forensics class. This class is taught by our very own, Mrs. Donnelly.

In this class you learn about the different jobs dealing with forensics, what people do in those jobs, the contributions to forensics made by other people, and much more. This class already sounds very interesting but one thing that really makes people excited about this class is the final. For Mrs. Donnelly’s final, one of the students in both her A2 and A3 classes are “killed” and the rest of the students have to figure out how the person died and who killed them. Mrs. Donnelly supplies the students with clues to help them solve the mystery, but she doesn’t just hand them to the students. She gives the clues on an “ask and you shall receive” basis, and you are also supplied with evidence that you find at the crime scene. The evidence will either have fingerprints or “blood” on them.

After the final is over and everyone figures out or has an idea of who did it, she reveals to the class who killed the person. This final isn’t like any other final at New Century.