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Diplomas & Dollars

written by journalism student, Airale WIllie

Being a high school student is hard enough as it is, but imagine going to school, working a part-time job, and maintaining a social life. Many students at New Century do this starting at the young age of 15 to about 19 years old. While working these jobs students not only gain real world work experience, but they also make connections with people and network. New Century students work at all types of fast food restaurants, department stores and entertainment spots here in Huntsville, but some have already started jobs that pertain to their future careers. Such as internships at Hudson Alpha, and other enrichment programs at tech companies here in the rocket city. As Aristotle one said, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”, and these hardworking students are certainly fulfilling this conjecture. 

When asked “What’s your experience like working a part-time job as a high school student?”, students replied with these words:

“My experience working a part-time job as a high school student has been educational and interesting. I’ve learned new ways to problem solve and deal with people. I also get to meet new people every day and learn from them.” -Esteban Guadarrama

“My experience as a part time worker during high school was humbling. It gave me preparation for the future when I enter the work force. This chapter of my life will change who I am.”-Melvin Bucio

Even though going to school and having a job is hard it can still be done, as long as the student manages their time and remembers to always stay positive despite whatever obstacle might come their way. Having a busy life can be a good thing. Keeping these experiences in mind, students can always get their diplomas AND make their dollars!